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Acrylics for the Absolute Beginner Book

NOW $32.40

A comprehensive course using acrylics for landscape paintings, Acrylics for the Absoloute Beginner Book is an ideal introduction to get into acrylic painting. 

Featuring no-nonsense techniques and versitilie mediums, Acrylics for the Absoloute Beginner teaches about drawing, perspective, composition, colour, light and shade, and different acrylic painting styles. 

Acrylics for the Absoloute Beginner Book's six step-by-step projects incudes working on different sceneries such as snowy landscapes, and extra techniques and exercises. It also includes a pull-out outline drawing for every project so you can simply get on with starting to paint using acrylics. 


Acrylics Unleashed Book

NOW $42.90

Acrylics Unleashed by Glyn Macey is a complete guide to using acrylic paints creatively.

Learn dynamic and imaginative techniques on composition, colour mixing and how to find inspiration. 

Practice your techniques with the nine atmospheric step by step projects in this book! 


Drawing A Complete Guide Book

NOW $33.00

Drawing - A complete Guide by Giovanni Civardi is a must have for anyone learning to draw. This book includes basic drawing techniques as well as expert technical advice and practical tips, it is an invaluable resource for any artist.


Figure Drawing: A Complete Guide Book

NOW $32.40

A comprehensive guide to figure drawing, this is an essential guide that includes an in-depth study of the human anatomy by master artist Civardi. Civardi elaborates on his technical and practical tips, including his own incredible drawings making this an essential resource for figure drawing. 

The Figure Drawing : A complete Guide Book compiles seven books from the successful Art of Drawing series that includes Drawing Techniques, Heads and Faces, Sketching People, Understanding Human Form and Structure, The Nude, Drawing Hands and Feet and Clothing on Figures.


Lettering With Love

NOW $40.10

Create beautiful calligraphy with the Lettering with Love Book. Learn a combintaion of hand lettering and watercolour with easy-to-follow steps to produce beautiful and stunning calligraphy. Includes guides on materials, simple exercises, handy worksheets, and projects with botanical motifs. 

This equisite book is by the founders of the studio May & Berry. 


Love Acrylics Book

NOW $36.00

Learn acrylic painting and techniques from Love Acrylics. This book includes quick, expresive, relaxing and meditating paintings by author, Artist and teacher Courtney Burden sharing a variety of projects that will inspire you to start painting and playing with acrylic paint. 

ISBN 9781782217268


Paint Yourself Calm Book

NOW $42.40

Master artist Jean Haines leads you on a journey to play around with watercolour painting from the heart with meditative and calming personal enjoyment with Paint Yourself Calm Book. 

Contains a number of projects that include painting basic abstract landcapes and flowers using a few tubes of paint, two brushes, paper and water. Paint Yourself Calm Book will enhance your mood and wellbeing through watercolour painting. 


Painting Abstracts

NOW $34.95

Painting Abstracts book contains instructions for 65 abstract paintings that you can get to work on straightaway, no experience necessary.

The book explores abstract paintings and the meaning of self- expression. It provides the basic information relating to picture elements, composition, theme and design.

It encourages you to explore your own creativity by providing information on method, materials, technique, composition, imagery and structure for each exercise rather than providing step-by-step instructions.

Great for those wanting to explore abstract art.

ISBN: 9781844483365


Ready To Paint: Watercolour Flowers Book

NOW $27.00

Making painting flowers simple and accessible, the Ready to Paint: Watercolour Flowers Book provides pull out tracing guides with step-by-step instructions on how to bring them to life using watercolour paint. Develop your painting skills with beautiful and easy to use guides. 


Start to Paint with Pastels

NOW $27.55

Start to Paint with Pastels is an inspiring and creative introduction to painting with soft chalk pastels.

It contains 5 easy step-by-step projects that cover a range of subjects from flowers to landscapes and coastal scenes.

Learn about creating atmosphere, colour, tone, composition and perspective which are designed to build on the basic skills covered in the earlier sections of the book.

ISBN: 9781782216216


The Art of Gouache

NOW $38.20

The Art of Gouache provides a step-by-step guide to working with gouache.

It discussed materials and tools required for gi=ouache painting including a techniques section that includes overlaying colours, colour blending and troubleshooting.

ISBN: 9781782214540


Watercolour for the Absolute Beginner

NOW $34.95

Watercolour for the Absolute Beginner book provides excellent advice for beginners, including easy drawing for painting, composition, easy perspective, light and shade, colour, and how to paint skies, tree, water and figures in watercolour.

It provides 6 step-by-step watercolour painting exercises, each exercise leads into a more developed project. Exercises includie painting a windmill, seascape, snow scene, mountains and lakes, bluebell stream and an all-rounder featuring a landscape with buildings and figures.

A must have book for those wanting to enter the world of watercolour.

ISBN: 9781844488254


Watercolour with Love Book

NOW $36.00

Learn the basics of waercolour painting from illustrator Lena Yokota-Barth as she explains how to make brush strokes and mix colours effectively. Build and practice your skills with the Watercolour with Love Book that includes 50 motif designs. 


Watercolours Unleashed Book

NOW $42.35

Watercolours Unleashed by Jane Betteridge inspires and invigorates watercolour artists with innovative techniques. Features 7 varied step-by-step projects.