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Eziscreen Artwork Transparency

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Eziscreen Artwork Transparency is a multi-function transparency for use in inkjet, multi-function centers and most laser printers when using StencilPro, Speedball and other screen methods.

Full usage details, exposure tips, techniques and product support for Eziscreen Artwork Transparency are available free on


Print Gocco Lamps

NOW $26.05

Print Gocco Lamps are a key ingredient required to create a screen printing screen or PRINT GOCCO Print Master.

The tungsten filled lamp 'fires' to create the heat that transfers your design onto the screen. Each lamp can be used only once.
Rub the base of Print Gocco Lamps on a piece of card/ paper before use to create a clean contact point before use.

Contains 10 bulbs.


Teflon Carrier Film

FROM $33.75

Teflon Carrier Film A4 is used in Thermal-Copier machines for imaging with RISO ScreenMaster mesh. The Teflon cover provides a longer life and consistent results year after year.

High temperature FEP Teflon Carrier Film allows more heat to pass through than plastic covers, with minimum absorption and distortion, enabling solids and fine details to be imaged at the same setting.

Suitable for use in A4/A3 Thermal-Copier, A4/A3 Thermal Screen Maker machines plus VistaFax 1UF/ 2UF models.