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Nehoc Squeegee Professional

FROM $16.45

Nehoc Professional Squeegees are made from a one piece molding process . They are screwed not nailed or glued, for easy blade rotation which doubles the life of the squeegee. The Nehoc Professional Squeegee blade is grade urethane and remains sharp for years. Flat base enables squeegee to stand up between uses and easy storage.

Lightweight comfortable handle - no wrist or arm pain. Sanded corners for smooth finish.
The Nehoc Professional Squeegee has been designed to fit multiple frame sizes.
Full 12 month guarantee

Do not soak handle or blade in water or wood will swell and warranty is void.
Remove excess ink from blade immediately after use with ink knife. Wipe blade with paper or dry cloth to remove excess ink. Clean blade with damp cloth for final cleaning.