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Ace Screenboard

FROM $3.60

Ace Screenboard offers outstanding bulk, thickness, and stiffness properties, due to the twin-sided display board. Intended primarily for screen printing, Ace Screenboard has a triple-coated surface, providing superior printing characteristics.


Canson Canvas-Paper

NOW $81.95

Canson Canva-Paper has a traditional, canvas-like texture in a convenient paper format. Primed and ready for oil and acrylic paints, Canson Canva-Paper is bleedproof and a more economical solution for the classroom!


Core Boxboard

FROM $1.65

Core Boxboard is suitable for book binding, backing pads, calendar stands, gift boxes and game boards. Manufactured from 100% post-consumer waste, Core Boxboard is FSC Recycled certified and finished to a solid grey.


Greaseproof Paper

NOW $0.25

Greaseproof Paper is a 30gsm paper that is versatile for a wide range of applications including drafting. It is sometimes known as butter paper.


Lexel Kraft Brown Paper

FROM $0.50

Brown Kraft Recycled Paper is an environmentally-friendly paper suitable for all craft projects and even as a wrapping material!
Durable enough for packing and wrapping, yet easily manipulated using stencil knifes, scissors and glue. Brown Kraft Recycled Paper is perfect for model-making, stencilling and creating your eco-friendly craft projects!


Utoplex Trace Paper

FROM $0.50

Utoplex Trace Paper is a premium quality, acid-free tracing paper for students and professionals. Made with European paper and possessing superior sheet flatness and erasing properties, Utoplex Trace Paper will not discolour, yellow or become brittle.
Utoplex Trace Paper can be used for tracing, drafting, overlay work, inkjet & offset printing, and scrapbooking.