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Langridge Artist Oil Paints 40ml

FROM $11.65

Create more intense, richer hues than ever before. Our Langridge Handmade Artist Oils are specifically crafted with the highest pigment loading, so you can explore your creative potential and achieve unprecedented results.

These paints combine maximum performance with a contemporary saturation hue range that will have your artwork truly come alive. Unlock artistic potential with our oil paints for a unique look that stands out.

Formulated with long-term durability in mind, these paints let you create works of art that will last.


Langridge Oxidising Patina

NOW $31.95

Langridge Oxidising Patina is used to activate a rust or verdigris finish.


Langridge Verdigris Base

NOW $44.80

Langridge Verdigris Base is a copper-based paint which will provide a classic, real green-grey once reacted with Langridge Oxidising Patina.