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Jastek Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmer A4

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This Jastek 36015 Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmer A4 can be used to trim a variety of paper sizes. You can cut up to a maximum of 15 sheets at once, making it a convenient option for use at home, offices or schools.

  • Maximum cutting length: 360 mm
  • Maximum cutting capacity: 15 Sheets (based on 80gsm)
  • Dimension: 370 x 546 x 100
  • Table size: 315 x 546





  • The blade is very sharp. DO NOT touch the edge of the blade
  • This product should be operated by an adult or with adult supervision
  • This product is designed only for paper cutting. Ensure all staples and paper clips are removed from paper before cutting. Do not use for cutting metal films or films containing glass, etc.
  • Do not use the product to cut more sheets than its specified capacity.
  • Always operate the product with both hands and on a stable base or table.