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Dura Lar Wet Media Acetate

FROM $5.45

Dura-Lar Wet Media Acetate is a specially treated film that can be worked on both sides with paint, marker pens and airbrush without beading, crawling or chipping. It is archival quality, will not yellow and is stable and will lay flat.
Dura-Lar Wet Media Acetate is a great tool for making trial changes when you are not sure where to go.


Grafix Clear-Lay Acetate

FROM $3.10

Clear-Lay Film .005 gauged clear flat film is designed for overlays, stencils and protective coverings. It has dimensional stability, archival, non plasticizers and acid free.


Grafix Shrink Film

FROM $14.25

Create your art and shrink it with Grafix Shrink Film. Design, cut out and bake for instant embellishments.

Grafix Shrink Film designs will become half their size! The strong plastic pieces are great for adding dimension to scrapbook pages and handmade cards. Grafix Shrink Film is easy to cut with decorative scissors, die cut machines and punches. Decorate with permanent markers, rubber stamps and paint pens.

For even more fun, use your computer and Inkjet printer to create personalized shrink art. Grafix Inkjet Printable Shrink Film is great for printing your favourite photos, clip art and fonts. Create personalized key chains, charms and magnets in no time.