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GOLDEN Artist Acrylic Fluid Paints 118ml

FROM $32.30

GOLDEN Artist Acrylic Fluid Paints are professional grade paints, designed to provide superior results with a wide colour palette perfect for any artist.

For ultimate consistency, these paints are finely ground pigments suspended in acrylic polymer without any fillers or extenders, resulting in an even flow and creamy texture.

You can mix different GOLDEN paints and mediums together to create your desired paint finish, texture, and effect.

Iridescent options are non-fading and non-tarnishing with super reflective qualities that add shimmery lustrous and pearlescent effects.
Water based and easy to clean up with soap and water making them a great choice for the home, studio or classroom.


GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylic Paints 59ml

FROM $20.40

Professional quality paints - GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylic Paints are made with the best quality pigments available, offering professional artists excellent permanency and lightfastness in their work.

Thick, smooth, buttery consistency - These paints have a wonderfully creamy consistency, perfect for impasto techniques to retain brush or palette knife marks on canvas.

Each colour has its own unique matte or gloss finish based upon the pigment characteristics. From Ultramarine Blue's matt finish to Dioxazine Purple's glossy one.

The paint offers excellent flexibility when dry, preventing your artwork from cracking and providing longevity of your compositions.
With interference, iridescent and metallic colours all included in the range, you'll have many options when searching for those creative sparks to ignite your masterpieces. Plus the water based formula is easy to clean-up with soap and water.