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Florence Folio Display Easel

FROM $109.95

Florence Folio Display Easel is a uniquely designed portfolio for professional artists and students. Present your work in style with a portfolio that turns into an easel, making it easy to show your work in interviews, assessments and general show tell moments.

Florence Folio Display Easel is made from thick hard board with a leather grained vinyl for protection and style. Comes with 10 sleeves. Can hold up to 40-50 sleeves depending on thickness of your work.


Florence Plan Tube

NOW $68.95

Florence Plan Tubes will protect your drawings, plans and prints while you are on the go.

Constructed using hard board covered in black nylon fabric. Florence Plan Tubes feature nylon lining, a zippered end cap, an adjustable shoulder strap and foam carry handle.


Florence Portfolio AP402

FROM $132.95

Florence Portfolio AP402 is a professional, lightweight portfolio made from durable black nylon. It has a padded structure and features an adjustable shoulder strap, one full size inner pocket, 3 smaller pockets and a cross-over elastic buckle strap.