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Daniel Smith


Daniel Smith Watercolour Paints 15ml

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Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolours are handcrafted in Seattle, offering superior quality with a range of historical hues, vibrant quinacridones, and rich earth tones. They have exceptional light-fastness and excellent brushing properties, resulting in clear and clean washes even with layered colours.

Primatek Watercolours feature precious gemstone and mineral pigments like Hematite, Tiger's Eye, Rhodonite, and Lapis Lazuli, providing amazing and diverse effects from warm subtlety to sparkling vibrancy, capturing the essence of ancient colours.

Luminescent Colours can be used alone or mixed with standard colours for striking effects, while Iridescent/Pearlescent colours appear almost colourless initially but create depth when applied over a dark ground. Interference Colours change hues depending on the lighting, offering a captivating play of colours from different angles.