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Artlogic LED Super Slim Lightboxes

FROM $211.40

Artlogic LED Super Slim Lightboxes are used by artisits, designers, animators and photographic transparency viewing.

They have a super bright LED light with a convenient touch power control to adjust the brightness. Artlogic LED Super Slim Lightboxes have a sleek design and are super thin and light weight.


Artlogic Mega Portfolio ACP400

FROM $103.55

Artlogic Mega Portfolio ACP400 is the ideal all-rounder portfolio. It is made from stylish black nylon fabric and features a 7.5cm gusset. The Artlogic Mega Portfolio ACP400 features a shoulder strap, 2 internal zippered pockets and 3 pen holder pockets.


Artlogic Metal Easel

NOW $94.20

The Artlogic Metal Easel is constructed from chromium plated, black varnished steel and holds canvas up to 137cm.

Artlogic Metal Easel features:

  • Comes with carry bag
  • Vertical or horizontal positioning

Artlogic Plan Tube

FROM $20.25

Carry your artworks, plans, posters and prints in Artlogic Plan Tubes. Made from a hard wearing plastic, it will protect your work while you are on the go. Artlogic Plan Tubes are ideal to use to when space is an issue!
Available in two sizes, in black with red trimming.


Artlogic Sketch Easel

ONLY $51.95

The Artlogic Sketch Easel is a versatile easel which can be used for sketching and painting. This easel holds canvas up to a height of 80.5cm. the Artlogic Sketch Easel is made from lightweight, black aluminium and comes with a handy carry bag.

Artlogic Sketch Easel specs:
110cm x 85cm x 157cm


Scalpel Handle

ONLY $15.95

Swann Morton Scalpel Handles are excellent intricate cutting handle that holds a surgical no 11 blade.

Swann Morton Scalpel Handles are ergonomically contoured and balanced. They are genuine surgeon's scalpel, excellent for model making, graphics arts, crafts and lab work.