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ARTGRAF Watercolour Graphite Tin Box

NOW $31.10

ARTGRAF Watercolour Graphite Tin Box has an interesting and very expressive graphic personality offering the artist an extensive scale of graphite greys that range from deep black to more subtle, bright or transparent shades.

Wetting the brush directly on the ARTGRAF Watercolour Graphite Tin Box allows you to control the amount of water, in order to achieve the desired shades.


ARTGRAF Watersoluble Black Carbon Disc

ONLY $16.95

The ARTGRAF® Water-soluble Black Carbon Disc is inspired by the traditional tailor’s chalk black carbon. It is a water-soluble and extremely soft charcoal block, prepared for drawing and painting. The artist will achieve a wide range of shades, from light grey to deep black, with the ARTGRAF® Water-soluble Black Carbon Disc.