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9 Drawing Ideas for Beginners: Simple Exercises to Get Started

Learning something new is a simple task these days, with the knowledge of the world right at your fingertips. So why not start learning to draw from the comfort of your own home with these beginner drawing ideas?

We’ve put together the best “simple exercises” for learning to draw. Start here and you’ll be well on your way to mastering the skill of drawing. Discover some great beginner drawing ideas with us!


Food is a constant in life, therefore it’s relevant. Drawing should always be about something that’s relevant to your life because that’s how you connect to what’s on the page. Drawing food educates you on shapes and spatial relationships, and the importance of drawing something that’s “appetising”.

Start with foods you like, such as macarons and ice cream sundaes, or choose iconic foods like apples, grapes and watermelon. Think like a food stylist and consider presentation, or choose reference images that make your mouth water.

Faces and expressions

Faces and expressions are a good way to dip your toes into the world of character drawing. With a little practice, you’ll be amazed at how much emotion you can evoke with your pencil.

Start by making a sheet full of blank faces and photocopy it so you can have another go. Then, try a range of expression variations until you find one you’re most comfortable with. Work on that style until you’ve got it down pat, and then repeat the process.


Trees are great beginner drawing idea to draw as they come in all different shapes, sizes and forms. They can range from round to irregular and pyramidal. Your tree could be blowing in the wind, covered in Christmas baubles, or starting to lose it’s autumn leaves — it’s completely up to you.

If your mind draws a blank, start with a sketch of the Ace of Clubs. The Ace of Clubs is the perfect shape for a rounded, wide-leaved tree and a light sketch under your branches will help you keep a good form.


Like trees, flowers are another fun part of nature to play around with. Instantly recognisable no matter what style of flower you draw, they’re a forgiving subject matter. A sunflower is one of the easiest flowers you can draw and starts by creating two simple circles. A tulip is another good one to try and again starts with two simple circles, one within the other.


Buildings and simple architectural structures are a great beginner drawing idea that let you play around with real life drawing, symmetry and blueprint repetition. If you choose to draw a home, start by sketching out the main lines of the home, eg. roof and walls. You can then sketch out the windows, door, pillars and the roof guttering with the help of simple and straight lines. Once you’re happy with the overall look, you can then add details such as shutters, curtains and shrubs.


If beauty is what you’re trying to create from your drawing, it doesn’t get much more beautiful than mandalas. They might look difficult and intricate to draw, but they are actually a great option for beginners.

Start by drawing or tracing a circle, divide the circle into quadrants, and create symmetrical designs within the sections. You’ll feel really relaxed as you work and the end result is stunning.


Learning to draw shapes will put you in good stead for advancing your drawing adventure. Knowing how to draw shapes properly will mean a solid foundation for almost everything you draw.

Start by learning to draw a cylinder, which will form the basis for plates, bowls, glasses of wine and even people. Next move on to spheres and cubes.


Horses are a fun animal to draw and they can teach you a lot about movement. Start easy by drawing a still horse and then take it up a notch by drawing it trotting. You can then take it up again by drawing your horse in a canter or with a rider on top, and then slow it down with your horse in a resting position.


It’s not easy to draw a realistic drawing, but with a little practise, the process will start to come more naturally. Eyes are a beautiful subject to draw and will make or break any picture of a face. It pays to master them early on, from the eyebrow and upper lid to the iris, eyelashes and light reflection.

Starting small

Choosing easy-to-draw pictures will help you to build confidence in your drawing ability, and ultimately, great art comes from having confidence in your work. Practise, practise and practise some more, and you’ll be amazed by how quickly you can pick up the skill of drawing. Sketch subjects that interest you, and develop a style that’s organic and natural too. We hope we've inspired you with some creative drawing ideas for beginners.

Remember, the basic craft of drawing is about two things: learning to control your hand and learning to see the details of what’s around you. It also helps to have the right tools and inspiration, which you can find at Discount Art N Craft Warehouse. We stock all the essential drawing tools, from quality drawing pencil sets and individual pencils to sketchbooks, erasers, pencil sharpeners and storage.