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Mastering Watercolour in 3 Easy Steps

Watercolour is a master medium. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a master to enjoy it. It’s flexible, versatile and can yield a variety of results. Why not give it a whirl?

From light-filled passages to dancing waves and cascading wet washes, watercolours produce painting effects that no other medium can match. With practice, watercolour can provide immediacy, energy and boldness. The benefits of using watercolours include:

  • Easy to clean - it’s practically impossible to ruin your brushes with watercolour paints.
  • Less wasted paint - simply add water to any leftover paint and it’s ready to use again.
  • Fewer harsh chemicals - watercolours don’t give off any fumes and don’t require ventilation.
  • Affordable - watercolours don’t require a lot of expensive equipment or supplies to get started.
  • Transparency - watercolour paint has a brilliance and clarity unique to its transparency.


How to get started

Mastering the art of watercolour is easy. Learn how to watercolour paint with us. It’s simply a matter of following three easy steps.

Step 1. Get some supplies

To get started on working with watercolours all you need is a set of basic brushes, good watercolour paper, a palette, a water jar, paper towel or a soft cotton cloth and of course watercolour paints.

Step 2. Get to know your supplies 

Before you start your first painting, get to know how your paints, brushes and paper all work together. Practicing a few different methods will help you get used to creating different textures, smoothing and blending colours and gradienting colours. Test the wetness of your brush, experiment with different brush strokes and play with both wet and dry paper.

Step 3. Seek some inspiration

Inspiration is a motivational state that compels you to bring an idea into fruition. It’s an important part of the creative process and can be found anywhere you look. To get you started we’ve pooled together a few ideas…

Watercolour ideas to paint

Pine trees


Perfect for adding a touch of winter to your home decor, these pine trees are super simple and will let you play with wetness and brushstrokes.

Autumn leaves


If autumn is the season, try introducing some autumn leaves around the home. Autumn leaves are a great way to play with gradient colour.



For a colourful and vibrant piece that anyone can attempt, this cactus painting tutorial is a must. Try painting it with a mojito on the side. But be careful not to dip your brushes in the wrong glass!



Flowers are something that are so simple yet so beautiful. There’s something magic and therapeutic about painting them. Master flowers and you can add them to just about anything.



The beautiful thing about watercolour is that you can get lost in it. Doesn’t this simple globe painting draw you in? What better way to get excited for your next holiday?

Agate Slice


Agate is characterised by its fine grains and variety of colours, so it’s an ideal source of inspiration when playing with watercolour.



Fruit of any kind is a fantastic source of inspiration. Plus you pretty much always have fruit in your home. Start with a strawberry. But also explore apples, pears and kiwi fruit. Fruit in watercolour looks good enough to eat!

Wider exploration

Once you’ve had a go at painting the above, consider the other uses of watercolour paint. Mastering the art of watercolour isn’t just about connecting paint to paper, it’s also exploring with pencils and different materials or surface. For example you could use watercolour to create:

Watercolour globe lights


These lights will look beautiful even in the day! Check out how to make watercolour globe light here.

Watercolour clock


Making your own DIY clock has never been easier. Simply choose your ideal size circle of wood or cut your own and then start painting from the lightest colour first.

Watercolour dipped string



Brighten up your brown paper packaging with some beautifully dipped watercolour string.

The wonderful world of watercolour made easy!

Watercolour really is a medium you can’t get enough of once you start playing with it. So versatile is watercolour that the projects you can tackle are endless. From watercolour paper and watercolour pads to watercolour brushes, paints and pencils, Discount Art N Craft has everything you need. Browse the range of watercolour products we offer today and start your watercolour journey. We promise that you’ll never look back.