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How to Organise Your Art and Craft Space to Boost Focus and Creativity

Organise Your Art & Craft Space to Encourage Focus

It’s no secret. An organised arts and crafts space is seriously better than a space that’s in chaos. If you’re feeling that your clutter is getting in the way of your creativity, it’s time to get organised. This might start with getting mentally organised with a Mixed Media Visual Journal. This journal helps to turn all your appointments, projects and ideas into a convenient piece of art or a straightforward organiser. But then, let’s move onto our environment...

The benefits of an organised art and craft area

There’s a saying - ”a place for everything and everything in its place”. The proverbial notion is that everything should have somewhere to be stored and that when it’s not in use it should be returned to its rightful place.

When your art and craft is in its place, there are obvious benefits.


Independence: When art supplies and creative tools are easily accessible, you’re reminded of their presence and inspiration strikes. This is especially true when it comes to children.

Open-ended art: When you have everything you need in its place you don’t need to restrict your work by predetermining what you’ll need.

Easy cleanup: When everything has its place it’s easier to know where to put things away. This then becomes a daily habit.

With this in mind, an organised space means:

  • Improved mental stability
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved focus
  • Reduced stress

Why wouldn’t you stay organised?

How to get organised in your art space

Step 1: Get rid of everything you don’t need anymore

It’s hard to stay organised when you hoard every single art and craft product you’ve ever purchased. The same goes for every art and craft piece you ever created. Finger out the products, supplies and creations that bring you the most joy and get rid of the rest. Try to avoid holding onto things you ‘might one day use again.’

Step 2: Organise everything based on how often you use it

Having the items you regularly use at arm’s reach will help prevent you from rummaging and disturbing the organisation of things you use less of. Consider a modular pegboard system for organising loose accessories like tape adhesives, and a studio stand organiser for your frequently used pens, pencils, paint brushes and technical design items. For Copic markers, a storage holder is a must, or, if you’re on-the-go with your markers a lot, you might prefer to keep them in a marker carry case. As for works of art and loose paperwork you want to hold onto but not display, Celco Clear Mesh Pouches are ideal for keeping your items protected when stashed away.

Step 3: Get minimal but embellished

A minimal and open space doesn’t need to be boring. You want to make sure your art and craft space still maintains its character - just without the chaos. If you follow artists on Instagram, print off a few of your favourite works for inspiration. Make space for other quirky items that express and highlight your personality too. You want to feel at home in your space.

Step 4: Pay attention to lighting

The right lighting is important for staying focused. It’s also important for determining the colours you see in your paintings and artwork. Your lighting will influence every decision you make.

Do an audit of the light you already have. Is it too cool, too warm, too bright or too dull? Adjust as you need to and pay attention to spreading light evenly or getting it to the places it needs to be. This might require a few different light sources.

Clever organisation hacks to stay organised

Muffin trays

Muffin trays are great for keeping small items like paper clips, buttons and sequins separate. For taller items like pipe cleaners, craft sticks and scissors, recycle some old tins and place them within the muffin tray cups.

Lazy Susan and storage pots

A Lazy Susan makes for a great table top tidy and when paired with a range of storage pots you can have easy access to pens, crayons, scissors, glue and more. These EC Plastic Water Pots have a wide base for storing water when painting, but can also double up as storage for paintbrushes, pencils or pens.

Craft rack

Swap herbs and spices for beads, buttons, drawing pins and rubber bands with your very own craft rack. For anything teeny tiny, a herb and spice rack is the perfect storage solution!
These are just a few examples for DIY storage at home, or you can check out our complete range of storage solutions that are ready to go. Alternatively check out the Jasart Creativity Centre, which offers ample working space and a three drawer storage tray - perfect for artists and students!