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Best Oil Paints of 2024

Best Oil Paints of 2023

Oil paints have been a favoured medium among artists for centuries, known for their rich, buttery consistency and the ability to create depth and luminosity in paintings. However, with so many brands and types of oil paints available, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best for your artistic needs. That's why we've done the research and compiled a list of the best oil paints of 2024. We've taken into consideration factors such as pigmentation, drying time, consistency, and lightfastness to bring you the top choices for your next painting project. Whether you're a professional artist or a beginner, these oil paints are sure to impress and help you bring your artistic vision to life.

What are Oil Paints?

Oil paints are a unique medium used by many artists to create impressive works of art. Unlike pens and markers, these thick paints are derived from organic materials, usually sourced from vegetable or mineral oils. As such, the paint dries slowly, allowing the artist to blend colours and create subtle textures and tones with even more optimism when blended with solvents. The result is an unmistakable depth of colour and richness in the artwork's texture that cannot be replicated through pen or marker. Not only does oil paint create stunning results but it is also versatile enough to be applied on almost any surface - from canvas and wood to paper, card and even metal.

Types of Oil in Oil Painting

Oil paints consist of pigments suspended in a medium, typically a type of oil. Different types of oil can be used in oil painting, each with its own unique properties and effects. Some common types of oil used in oil painting include:

  • Linseed oil: This is the most commonly used oil in oil painting and is derived from flax seeds. It has a yellowish colour and dries to a hard, glossy finish. It is also relatively inexpensive.
  • Poppy Seed oil: This oil is less yellow than linseed oil and dries to a softer, less glossy finish. It is also more expensive than linseed oil.
  • Walnut oil: This oil is derived from walnuts and has a pale colour and dries to a hard, matte finish. It is also more expensive than linseed oil.
  • Safflower oil: This oil is derived from safflowers and has a neutral colour and dries to a hard, glossy finish. It is also relatively inexpensive.
  • Stand oil: This is a form of linseed oil that has been heated and thickened, resulting in a heavy-bodied, slow-drying oil that increases the gloss and enamel-like surface of the paint.
  • Dammar varnish: This is a natural tree resin that is dissolved in turpentine and used as a final varnish coat on oil paintings to give a glossy and protective finish
Also find out more about the difference between Water Soluble Oil Paints & Traditional Oil Paints here. 

Characteristics of High-Quality Oil Paints

Superior quality oil paints should have the following characteristics:

  • They should have a high concentration of pigments, which provide the colour and intensity of the paint
  • They should have a smooth, buttery consistency, which makes them easy to apply and blend
  • They should be lightfast, meaning they should retain their colour over time and not fade or yellow
  • They should be made with high-quality, non-toxic ingredients that are safe to use
  • They should be easy to clean up and remove with solvents such as mineral spirits or turpentine
  • They should dry to a hard, durable film that is resistant to cracking and chalking
  • They should be available in a wide range of colours and tones

7 Best Oil Paints in 2024


 Oil Paints - Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Paints

Product Description

Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Paint is a carefully crafted blend of the highest quality, moderately priced pigments that offer excellent coverage and vibrant colours.

They are acclaimed by artists far and wide, with their highly rated AA or A quality providing a lasting impression. Perfect for brush strokes and knife marks alike, these paints ensure your artwork stands the test of time!

Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Paints are also a reliable art supply for any level of the artist, offering professional quality colours without breaking the bank. A perfect option for those seeking an economical solution to tackle their creative projects!

Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Paint comes in a variety of sizes for all your artistic needs. Choose from 37ml and 60 ml (which includes Zinc White) or go big with 200ml – the possibilities are endless!


  • Good quality covering power & tinting strength
  • Excellent retention of brush and palette knife marks


  • Quality: Rated AA or A quality
  • Tube Size: Available in 37ml, 60ml (Zinc White) & 200ml sizes
  • Colours: Choose from 40+ colours


Oil Paints - Art Spectrum Oil Paints

Product Description

Art Spectrum Oil Paints are made from carefully selected pigments that have been triple-milled to ensure each particle is covered and evenly dispersed in the paint.

Art Spectrum Oil Paints provide a clean, superior colour that will not wear off or fade in sunlight. The finest pigments are used for maximum brilliance and your painting will remain as brilliant with each passing day.

The paints now also include a unique palette that was developed for the Australian landscape.

Art Spectrum Oil Paints are also available in 150ml, 500ml, 1 Litre and 4 Litre sizes.


  • Triple-milled to ensure every pigment is coated and evenly dispersed
  • Lasting brilliance and luminosity
  • Pigments were chosen for purity and charity


  • Quality: The finest pigments are chosen for superior colours
  • Tube size: Available in 150ml, 500ml, 1L & 4L sizes
  • Colour range: Choose from 120+ colours


Oil Paints - Winsor & Newton Artists Oil Paints

Product Description

Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Paint is the premier choice for those seeking a luxurious painting experience. With its unrivalled purity, quality and reliability, it's no wonder that this oil painting has long been trusted by professional artists around the world!

Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Paints are renowned for their superior colour vibrancy and mixtures, and this is achieved through comprehensive quality control checks throughout the entire production process.

The range of Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Paint is characterised by a selection of colours that are carefully chosen to give every artist the greatest range of options and to match their personal colour scheme.

Winsor & Newton Oil Paints maintain a pliable and damp state for multiple days, exhibiting remarkable control and manipulation features that provide plenty of time for alterations.

Winsor & Newton's Artists’ Oil Paints come in tubes of 37ml and 200ml.


  • Clean, bright, pure colours & mixtures
  • Wide range of colours, allowing flexibility that compliments any artist’s palette
  • Superior handling qualities, with oils remaining soft and wet for several days, allowing ample time for reworks


  • Quality: High purity, quality & reliability
  • Tube size: 37ml & 200ml sizes
  • Colour range: Choose from 100+ colours


Oil Paints - Reeves Oil Paints

Product Description

The Reeves brand of oil paints is distinguished by their intense coloration and lasting quality once dry and can be blended with different oil-based mediums to produce different effects.

Reeves Oil Paints have a uniform texture that enables easy application with a palette knife or brush. This makes them an excellent choice for various painting techniques such as blending, glazing, and impasto.


  • Highly pigmented and permanent when dry
  • Can be mixed with various oil mediums to create different effects
  • Perfect for use with blending, glazing or impasto techniques


  • Quality: Smooth consistency, highly pigmented
  • Tube size: Available in 50ml sizes
  • Colour range: Choose from 30+ colours


Oil Paints - Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd Oil Paints

Product Description

Winsor and Newton Griffin Alkyd Oil Paint is a fast-drying medium that is touch-dry within 24 hours, making it ideal for artists who need to complete their work in one sitting. This product is a great choice for those who paint outdoors or for students, as it is more fluid and transparent than Artists' Oil Colour. Additionally, Winsor and Newton Griffin Alkyd Oil Paint are suitable for traditional oil painting methods, including glazing and impasto.

Winsor and Newton Griffin Alkyd Oil Paint are also provided in a 200ml container of Titanium White.


  • Quick drying, allowing for a painting to be completed in one sitting
  • Fluid and transparent, a great option for outdoor artists & students
  • Suitable for techniques such as impasto & glazing


  • Quality: Fast drying, fluid and transparent
  • Tube size: Available in 37ml & 200ml (Titanium White) sizes
  • Colour range: Choose from 40+ colours


Oil Paints - Archival Professional Artist Oil Paints

Product Description

Archival Professional Artist Oil Paints are crafted with superior quality components to generate a strong-coloured, long-lasting paint. A flexible oil binding element is integrated to guarantee artwork remains uncracked for a considerable period of time.

Professional-grade Archival Artist Oil Paints can be artfully blended with Low Odour Archival Mediums for optimal results.

Atelier Interactive Artists' Acrylics are a perfect choice for those who desire to switch from a different painting material to oils, as their colours are complementary.

Archival Professional Artist Oil Paint is available in 40ml & 120ml tubes.


  • High-quality ingredients resulting in highly pigmented and lightfast paint
  • Flexible oil binder offers painting freedom, allowing long-term flexibility and safety
  • Can be used with Low Odour Archival Mediums


  • Quality: Highly pigmented, lightfast paint
  • Tube size: Available in 40ml & 120ml sizes
  • Colour range: Choose from 20+ colours


Oil Paints - Jasart Byron Oil Paint Set

Product Description

Jasart Byron Oil Paints offer luminous, vibrant pigments that remain stable and steadfast over time. These colours can be blended together and coupled with oil-based mediums to create a variety of painting styles.

This set features twelve 12ml tubes of paint, including Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Scarlet, Crimson Red, Grass Green, Viridian, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Blue, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber and Carbon Black.


  • Bright, intense & lightfast oils
  • Can be mixed and used with oil mediums to create a range of painting techniques


  • Quality: Bright, intense & lightfast
  • Tube size: 12x12ml set

What to Consider When Buying Oil Paint

When buying oil paint, there are several factors to consider in order to ensure that you are getting the best quality product for your needs. Some things to consider when choosing oil paint include:

  • Pigmentation: Pigmentation refers to the intensity and purity of the colour. The higher the pigmentation, the more vibrant and true-to-colour the paint will be. Look for paints that are labelled as "high-pigment" or "artist-grade."
  • Drying time: Oil paint takes longer to dry than acrylic paint, typically taking several days or even weeks. Consider how quickly you need the paint to dry and choose a brand that meets your needs. Some fast-drying oil paints are available in the market, which can be a good option for artists who want to work quickly.
  • Consistency: Oil paint should have a smooth, buttery consistency that is easy to work with. Avoid paints that are too thick or too watery, as they can be difficult to apply and may not provide the desired results.
  • Lightfastness: Oil paint is known for its lightfastness, meaning that it won't fade or yellow over time when exposed to light. However, some brands may be better than others in this regard. Look for paints that are labelled as "lightfast" or "archival quality."
  • Brand reputation: Research different brands and read reviews from other artists to get a sense of which brands have a good reputation for quality and performance.
  • Price: Oil paint can vary greatly in price, but keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. While it's important to stay within your budget, don't sacrifice quality for the price.
  • Range of colours: Some oil paint manufacturers have a wider range of colours than others. If you are looking for a specific colour, you may want to consider choosing a brand that has a wider range of colour options.
  • Type of oil: There are several types of oils used as the medium in oil paint, such as linseed oil, safflower oil, and walnut oil, each with a slightly different drying time, consistency, and other properties. Consider which type of oil is best for your painting style and technique.

By considering these factors, you'll be able to choose the best oil paints for your needs and create beautiful artwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are oil paints made of?

Oil paints are made from pigments that are suspended in a drying oil, typically linseed oil.

How long does it take for oil paint to dry?

Oil paint typically takes several days to a week or more to dry completely, depending on the thickness of the paint and the humidity and temperature of the environment. 

Can oil paints be used on canvas?

Yes, oil paints are commonly used on canvas, as well as on other surfaces such as wood, metal, and paper.

Can oil paints be thinned with water?

No, oil paints should not be thinned with water as oil and water do not mix. Instead, artists typically use a medium, such as a linseed oil or mineral spirits, to thin oil paint.

Can oil paints be mixed with acrylic paints?

No, oil and acrylic paints should not be mixed together as they have different chemical properties and will not bond properly. Check out our full Acrylic vs Oil Paints guide to see the characteristic differences between the two mediums. 

Can oil paint be used on the skin?

Oil paint is not intended for use on the skin as it can be toxic when ingested or inhaled and can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Can oil paint be removed from clothes?

It can be difficult to remove oil paint from clothes, but it may be possible to remove it with solvents or by taking the clothes to a professional cleaner.


Oil paints are a popular medium for artists due to their versatility and ability to create a wide range of effects. They are made from pigments suspended in a drying oil, typically linseed oil, and take several days to a week or more to dry completely. They are commonly used on canvas but can also be used on other surfaces such as wood, metal, and paper. However, it's important to note that oil paints should not be thinned with water, and they should not be mixed with acrylic paints. Also, it is not recommended to use oil paint on the skin, and it can be difficult to remove oil paint from clothes. Ultimately, the best oil paint will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the artist. 

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