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Best Canvases of 2023

Best Canvases in 2023

Creating art is a special way of expressing yourself, and choosing the right canvas for your project can make all the difference. The type of canvas you select will influence the outcome and quality of your artwork, so it’s important to choose one that works best for the task. Depending on the materials you plan to use, such as paints, markers or coloured pencils – you may want to select a specific kind of canvas. For instance, if you plan to use oil paints, then an unprimed cotton canvas is often recommended due to how well it accepts and retains oils.

When selecting a canvas for your project, you also want to consider its size and shape. Consider what will be most comfortable for you during the creative process – whether that’s painting on a large scale or something more manageable and less intimidating. Regardless of what type or size of canvas you opt for, remember that having the right foundation can help create wonderful pieces of art that look professionally done!

Types of Canvases

There are several types of canvases available, each with its own unique characteristics and uses. Here are some of the most common types of canvases:

  1. Cotton Canvas: Cotton canvases are an ideal choice for the aspiring artist, providing a versatile, long-lasting surface that won't break the bank. Crafted from 100% cotton fibre and renowned for its durability, these canvases deliver superior results at excellent value.
  2. Linen Canvas: Linen canvases are the crème de la crème when it comes to art supplies. Gaining their strength from flax fibres, they boast exceptional longevity and standout sturdiness compared to other materials like cotton – making them a renowned choice for serious artists seeking long-term investment in quality craftsmanship
  3. Primed Canvas: With primed canvases, artists can jump right into their creative projects. Gesso-prepared surfaces come in a variety of textures and weights for any project needs - perfect for those who want to save time without sacrificing quality.
  4. Unprimed Canvas: Unprimed canvases are canvases that have not been coated with gesso and are suitable for artists who prefer to prime their own canvases.
  5. Stretched Canvas: Discover the perfect painting surface with a stretched canvas. Carefully crafted and available in an array of sizes and shapes, this wooden framed masterpiece is ready to house your creative vision!
  6. Rolled Canvas: Rolled canvas refers to a canvas that has not been stretched over a frame and is sold in rolls. Rolled canvases are suitable for artists who prefer to stretch their own canvases.
  7. Canvas Panels: Canvas panels are small, pre-stretched canvases that are mounted on a rigid support, such as cardboard or Masonite. They are a convenient option for artists who need a portable painting surface.

Each type of canvas has its own unique properties and can be better suited for certain types of paintings or painting styles. It's important to consider the type of paint you will be using, your personal style and preferences, and the intended final use of the painting when choosing a canvas.

What are the Benefits of Painting on a Canvas?

Canvases offer several benefits for artists compared to other painting surfaces, such as paper or boards:

  1. Durability: Canvases are crafted from sturdy fabrics, such as cotton and linen, that provide lasting support for the application of paint yet still resist wear and tear over time.
  2. Texture: The texture of a canvas can add depth and dimension to a painting, particularly if the artist is working with heavy impasto techniques.
  3. Versatility: Canvases can be used with various painting mediums, including acrylic, oil, and watercolour. They can also be primed with gesso to create a smooth, even surface or left unprimed for a more absorbent surface.
  4. Size: Canvases come in a range of sizes, from small panels to large, gallery-wrapped canvases, allowing artists to create pieces of varying sizes.
  5. Longevity: If cared for properly, canvases can last for decades without significant deterioration, making them a long-lasting option for creating and displaying artwork.
  6. Professional appearance: Canvases are often used by professional artists and are associated with a higher quality of art, making them a popular choice for exhibiting work.

5 Best Canvases for 2023

Winsor & Newton Professional Canvases (3/4") Thin Edge

Winsor & Newton Professional Canvas

Product Description

Winsor & Newton's Professional Canvas range is crafted for the best combination of durability and quality. Each canvas frame is cut from premium 480 gsm with solid pine stretcher bars, expertly tailored to ensure a professional finish. The unique ProStretcher device ensures larger canvases achieve near-perfect tensioning without compromising on stability or longevity - perfect for any serious artist looking to take their craftsmanship further! Acrylic gesso provides an even surface that works just as well with oil paints as it does acrylics; plus you can use other mediums too!


  • Made from premium 480gsm material and hand-stretched over solid pine stretcher bars
  • Expertly tailored corners for a professional look
  • Gessoed for use with oil or acrylic paint, as well as other media
  • Comes with the revolutionary ProStretcher device for sizes larger than 10 x 10", further refining stretched canvas tension


  • Paper Weight (gsm): 480gsm (10oz)
  • Thickness: 3/4“
  • Sizes: Available in 15 sizes

Studio Thick (1.5") Edge Canvases


Product Description

Studio Thick Edge canvas is a heavyweight 380 gsm (7 oz) with an artist-friendly, staple-free edge primed in quality acrylic gesso - offering superior durability and performance when painting with any of your favourite mediums. An impressive 1.5” or 38mm deep Thick Edge profile allows you to showcase your work without needing to frame it, while the acid-free construction ensures that this premium art surface stands the test of time. This versatile product will appeal to all creatives; from professional artists to students and hobbyists alike!


  • Suitable for acrylics, oils and alkyds
  • Staple-free edge (back-stapled) allows for painting on the sides and re-stretching
  • Suitable for hanging with or without a frame, acid-free
  • Ideal for professional artists, hobbyists, students and more


  • Canvas Coating: Acrylic Gesso
  • Paper Weight (gsm): 380gsm (7oz)
  • Thickness: 1.5” or 38mm deep
  • Sizes: Available in 28 sizes

Canvas Boards


Product Description

Get creative with these professional-grade canvas panels! Crafted from pure cotton and triple primed to ensure a smooth surface, each panel features an impressive 380 gsm (7oz) medium texture stretched over a 3.5 mm hardboard core - ideal for oil painting, acrylics or alkyds. Let your imagination flow on this perfect blank canvas!


  • Made from 100% cotton canvas board
  • 380gsm (7oz) medium texture canvas stretched over 3.5mm hardboard core
  • Triple-primed with acrylic gesso
  • Perfect for oils, acrylics and alkyds


  • Material: 100% Cotton Canvas Board
  • Canvas Coating: Triple Primed with Acrylic Gesso
  • Paper Weight (gsm): 380gsm (7oz)
  • Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Sizes: Available in 17 sizes

Artitude Canvas Packs 


Product Description

Artitude canvases offer a perfect combination of affordability and versatility in the studio. Each canvas is thoughtfully crafted with an acid-free gesso to provide artists working with acrylic, oil, gouache, or other painting mediums with optimal results. Furthermore, the back stapled construction ensures clean edges that are 3/4" thick offering superior stability during creation processes like mixed media techniques. Perfect for classrooms as well as lighter applications!


  • Economical canvas value packs for use in classrooms and studios
  • Primed with an acid-free acrylic gesso, suitable for multiple paints and mixed media techniques
  • Canvases are back stapled with a clean edge thickness of 3/4"


  • Canvas Coating: Acrylic Acid-free Gesso
  • Thickness: 3/4”
  • Sizes: Available in 5 sizes
  • Product Weight (kg): Variable, depending on the size of the canvas chosen.

Art Spectrum Canvas Rolls Primed


Product Description

Get creative with Art Spectrum Canvas Rolls Primed! With this product, artists have the freedom to customise their own canvas size. The 8oz roll is available in 5-metre sections and the 10oz roll comes in 11 metres- perfect for various projects or artworks of all shapes and sizes. Both rolls come at an affordable price per metre - offering professional quality without breaking your budget.


  • Ability to create custom-sized stretched canvases
  • 8oz canvas roll available for purchase in increments of 5 metres
  • 10oz canvas roll available for purchase in increments of 11 metres
  • Canvas Rolls are Primed and priced by the metre


  • Paper Weight (gsm): 8oz and 10oz (275gsm, 340gsm)
  • Sizes: Available in 2 slzes

What to Consider When Buying Canvases

When purchasing canvases for painting, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind to ensure you get the best option for your needs. These include:

  1. Material: When selecting the material for your canvas, think of it not just as a surface but also as an integral part of your artwork. Cotton and linen are both highly durable options, while synthetic fibres provide exceptional resilience to ensure that every brushstroke will last a lifetime.
  2. Size: When selecting a canvas for your project, consider the size that best suits both your needs and available workspace. From miniature to grandiose canvases of all shapes and sizes, you can have it all!
  3. Priming: When it comes to selecting a canvas for your artwork, you have two choices: one that is pre-primed or unprimed. Pre-priming provides a professional finish and will feel smooth under the brushstrokes; while an unpainted surface has greater absorbance, allowing colours to mix more readily on its texture. The decision of which type best suits your project lies with you!
  4. Stretched vs. Unstretched: Stretched canvases are already mounted on a frame, while unstretched canvases will need to be mounted and stretched before use. Consider your skill level and the amount of time you're willing to spend preparing the canvas.
  5. Quality: The quality of a canvas can vary greatly. Look for canvases that are well-constructed, with tightly woven fibres and a sturdy frame.
  6. Intended medium: Consider the type of paint you'll be using, as some canvases may be more suitable for oil paint, while others may be better for acrylics.

By taking these factors into account, you'll be better equipped to choose the best canvas for your artistic needs.

FAQs about Canvases

What is the difference between cotton and linen canvases?

When deciding between canvas options for painting, there are two primary contenders – cotton and linen. Cotton canvases offer a more affordable option while also providing a smooth surface; however, they lack the durability of their counterpart - linen. Linen is known to be superior in terms of its texture as well as longevity, but it comes at an increased cost compared to cotton's budget-friendly price tag.

Should I choose a pre-primed or unprimed canvas?

When it comes to canvas choice, there are two distinct options. Pre-primed canvases provide a silky underlayer for paint application and an effortlessly refined look. Unprimed canvases, on the other hand, offer greater surface absorption, which can add subtle texture that enhances your artwork's overall aesthetic.

What is the difference between stretched and unstretched canvases?

Stretched canvases come already mounted on a frame, while unstretched canvases are just the canvas material and need to be mounted and stretched before use. Stretched canvases are convenient for immediate use and can be hung up without any additional work, while unstretched canvases require more preparation and time.

What is the best size for a canvas?

The best size for a canvas depends on your intended project and workspace. Small canvases are more suitable for detail work, while large canvases are better for more expansive pieces. Check out our article on How to Choose the Best Canvas Size for more information. 

How do I properly care for my canvas?

Keep your canvas in top condition by storing it carefully away from direct sunlight and sources of moisture. To keep the brilliant colours vivid, remember to handle them with care and clean sparingly—a gentle dusting using a soft cloth should do the trick!


As the global art scene continues to evolve, so do its materials. In 2023, artists of all levels and preferences can benefit from a rich selection of canvases designed for maximum durability, texture, and absorbency when utilising various painting techniques. From premium cotton varieties to eco-friendly options crafted out of recycled products - no matter what kind of artist you are or whatever type of canvas your artwork requires, there is something on offer that suits everyone's needs. The best canvases on today’s market represent an exciting new chapter in artistic development – one that promises quality performance alongside ethical production practices! Undoubtedly, meeting the demands of today’s creative landscape takes more than just innovative designs - making these best canvas offerings of 2023 truly special!