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Art Podcasts to Listen to While You Create

Podcasts to Listen to While Creating Art


Need help getting in the creative zone? Listening to an art podcast may be just the ticket! These art-focused podcasts combine insightful discussions with experts in the art industry along with helpful tips and techniques to help you remain focused and inspired. 


Tune in during your morning commute or while you’re working in the studio; either way, these podcasts are your perfect companion to listen to while you create. Here are some of the best art podcasts and where you can listen to them.

Savvy Painter


When to listen: Every other Thursday


Savvy Painter features interviews with leading artists and creatives delivering advice on insightful topics. Each interview offers something new and valuable to take away and apply to your personal art projects and journey. 


Most interviews last for an hour, which allows for a greater depth of discussion. This podcast is designed for any artist, no matter your specific art form or genre. The most recent artist interview with painter Suzanne Unrein talks about getting started as an artist, how to deal with creative blocks, and if there is a ‘good’ or ‘right’ way to start painting. 


Topics are wide and varied, covering every type of art and technique. These include guides to landscape painting, how to sell your art, paintbrush care, and how to silence your inner critic


Artists Helping Artists 


When to listen: Live every Thursday morning at 8 a.m. on BlogTalk Radio (USA) or on-demand on the website


Every week, host Leslie Saeta discusses a topic relating to selling art online. She is joined by guest artists, gallerists, and creatives who share their knowledge and experiences in the business side of art. If you’re looking at making a profit with your artwork or are starting a new enterprise, then this podcast is for you. 


Covering everything from art marketing to setting up a studio; Artists Helping Artists is exactly that. A great community for sharing everything there is to be known about successfully selling and promoting your art. 




When to listen: On-demand via Soundcloud or iTunes

The ArtTactic podcast covers a range of topics from art investment to gallery & exhibit reviews, along with guest artist interviews. The podcast draws on a lot of topics covered on the ArtTactic website which is largely based on the business side of art including investments, art start-ups, and art marketing. Each year, the ArtTactic podcast delivers their Top Artists Report which analyzes the top performing contemporary artists at auction. 


National Gallery of Australia


When to listen: Free on iTunes

The National Gallery of Australia is located in Canberra and is one of the nation’s largest art galleries, holding the largest and most valuable collection of art in Australia. The NGA podcast delivers interviews with artists, as well as showcasing new exhibits and exclusive series including the Contemporary Architects Speaker Series and NGA Experience Series in both audio and video format. These audios are recorded live from the exhibits and lecture series held at the NGA. 


The Art Show - ABC


When to listen: Wednesday’s at 10 a.m. and repeated on Thursdays at 9 p.m. and Sundays at 11 p.m.

The popular ABC program is home to The Art Show podcast, presented by Ed Ayres. This art podcast is the perfect ‘go-to’ for inspiring conversations with Australian and international visual artists, gallery and museum directors, and curators. 


The show explores pressing issues faced by artists including the report on fake First Nations art , as well as fascinating topics that include the importance of children’s art, how to be a confident art teacher, and the history of colours. A well-balanced podcast for all ages and types of artists or creatives. 


Australian Design Radio


When to listen: On-demand or via iTunes and Soundcloud


The Australian Design Radio (ADR) podcast, based in Sydney, aims to provide innovative conversations, interviews, and commentary on Australian design. The podcast embraces all tangents of the design field and debates current goings-on within the industry. 


Listen to each broadcast as it covers everything from visual design, graphic design, architecture, and more. The most recent episode interviews multi award-winning graphic designer Carlo Giannasca and explores self-promotion and how the industry has changed in Australia. 


Starving Artist Podcast


When to listen: On-demand via iTunes


Artist Honor Eastley started a podcast with the intention of asking artists how they made money from their art. The podcast interviews young Australian artists and asks them frank questions to help other artists discover ways they can sell their art and make a decent profit from it. If you’re a recent graduate looking to break into the art industry, or you are a young professional in need of guidance; this is for you. 



When to listen: On-demand via iTunes or Soundcloud


Based in Melbourne, the Sisteria podcast is about women's experiences as creators and consumers of arts and culture. The platform is for marginalised peoples (women, non-binary creatives, POC, and people with a disability) and delves into how gender and culture influence their creative practice and engagement with the arts. 


The podcast is forward-thinking and enlightening, offering a valuable space to discuss and encourage the listening community. The interviews are powerful and often surprisingly funny, and include topics ranging from the importance of education about indigenous culture, to femininity and female representation in art. 


Jacky Winter Gives You The Business


When to listen: Weekly on iTunes

This weekly podcast dissects the challenges, processes, and happenings of the creative industries through interviews with special guests from all corners of the art industry. Every week hosts Jeremy Wortsman, Lara Chan-Baker, and occasionally Bianca Bramham bring a global perspective to the creative ecosystem and question what artists do and why they do it.


Wowee Podcast


When to listen: On-demand via iTunes

Wowee! is a Melbourne-based art podcast that aims to bring together creative communities to promote the sharing of ideas, skills, and experiences. Hosts Penny and Esther both come from a background in textiles, but their conversations explore a variety of creative fields. 


Guest speakers include artists, musicians, and local designers. These interviews give the listener an exclusive look into the person behind the talent; their inspirations, work processes, and daily life. The most recent episode interviews costume and prop designer Kitiya Palaskas. Most episodes are over an hour long, sometimes two, and are perfect to listen to while working or relaxing in the studio.


FBi Radio - Art and ideas canvas


When to listen: Sundays on 94.5FM

This Sydney-based podcast is FBi Radio’s weekly arts and culture program, hosted by artists Giselle Stanborough, Rainbow Chan, and David Capra. The show brings to you all the latest in Sydney’s art scene and includes interviews, conversations, and insights into contemporary Australian art, along with exciting local projects. Recent episodes have included interviews with the Western Sydney Writers Group, as well as thoughts and insights into famed writer and poet Edgar Allen Poe. 


Talking With Painters


When to listen: On-demand on the website or via Google Podcasts

Talking with Painters is a podcast where Australian painters talk to host Maria Stoljar about their life and art. This podcast came about when Maria was searching for something to listen to while she worked in the studio. Talking with Painters is a show filled with personal stories and discussions about painters and how they became artists, and what their journey has been like as an artist in Australia. 


National Association for the Visual Arts


When to listen: Fortnightly on iTunes

The National Association for the Visual Arts holds a fortnightly podcast series between artists, curators, and organisations discussing critical issues facing the art industry. Episodes touch on exhibit reviews, exclusive interviews with the artists behind the exhibit, as well as a regular ‘In Conversation’ series that discusses the contemporary artistic practice, as well as proposing ideas for change, progress, and resilience. 


ACCA Podcast


When to listen: On-demand via iTunes and Soundcloud

The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art provides rich audio content featuring talks, conversations, and insights into the contemporary art scene in Australia. The podcast also records events from Melbourne’s flagship contemporary art space, giving listeners exclusive content and a look inside the numerous exhibits at the ACCA.


The Colour Cycle Podcast


When to listen: On-demand on iTunes

The Colour Cycle examines whether Australia’s Arts and Culture sector looks like Australia. The podcast aims to disrupt cultural whitewashing and reflects on the ways diversity has been neglected in the Australian art landscape, as well as the challenges people of colour face breaking into the art sector. 

Host Lena Nahlous is the Executive Director of Diversity Arts Australia and engages in conversations, discussions, and personal one-on-one interviews with creatives who represent the marginalised community.