Copic Airbrush Starter Set

If you are new to airbrushing, Copic has several starter kits available. The ABS1N is a complete and versatile airbrush system that’s lightweight, portable, easy-to-use and perfect for creating backgrounds and filling larger areas. Just add Copic or Sketch markers. The ABS1N includes the Airgrip, Aircan 180 (45 minutes of air), an Air Adapter, Airhose and can holder. If you decide you love airbrushing, this kit has everything you need to upgrade to an air compressor.

For those wanting to try their hand at airbrushing without a big investment, the ABS2 is a great starter kit. It includes an Air Grip and Air Can D60, which will give you about 7-8 minutes of air. For those who know they will regularly and consistently Airbrush, the ABS3 includes and Air Grip and Air Adapter for pairing with an air compressor.

For the hobbyist and professional alike, there are numerous advantages to using an airbrush kit. Copic Airbrush Starter Kits can offer:

  • Flawless and glossy finishes compared to brush strokes.
  • Smooth, even consistency and longer lasting markers. Airbrushing uses less ink than direct colouring since saturating the paper isn’t necessary.
  • Speed. If you’re looking to complete a paint job quickly, the airbrush application is the way to go.

Have fun using your Copic ABS System - though be warned. They’re highly addictive!



ABS3 Set