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Art Emboss Foil

ArtEmboss Foils are extremely soft, pliable metal sheets in natural metal or bright metallic colors. They make wonderful works of art on their own, or they can be embellishments for other projects.

The lightweight 3 millimetre sheets accept the most intricate detail, while the heavier 5 millimetre sheets can be used for projects that stand on their own.

The copper and aluminum foils are all made of the real metals. ArtEmboss Foils are extremely soft and pliable. Use a fine-point stylus to trace a pattern and create a work of art that stands on its own, or create embellishments for a scrapbook, photo album, or any fine art project.



Aluminium Medium 23cm x 30xm Sheet

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X-Press It Imitation Metallic Leaf

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Everbright Imitation Metallic Leaf can be used for gilding and decorating craft projects.

140x140mm sheets. Interleaved.

Images shows Everbright Imitation Metallic Gold Leaf



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Add metallic leaf to many surfaces with Staedtler FIMO Imitation Metal Leaf. Each pack has 10 sheets of 14x14cm leaf sheets.

Instructions included.


X-Press It Metal Leaf Flakes

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Ideal for decorative projects, arts and crafts, the X-press It Metal Leaf Flakes are metal leaf flakes that can be used in a variety of surfaces such as paper, wood, resin, and clay. (Use varnish after baking clay)

Use with a water-based gilding size on surfaces before laying leaf flakes. For resin, metal flakes can be applied directly onto the board, or mixed in depending on desired effect. 


Liquitex Modelling Paste

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Liquitex Modeling Paste is a thick acrylic gel, blended with marble dust, which produces a strong & durable texture. Posessing an extra heavy body, while being very opaque, Liquitex Modeling Paste is perfect for building heavy texture on rigid supports and creating 3D forms. Liquitex Modeling Paste is an excellent substrate for acrylic & oil paints, as it adheres to any non-oil & absorbent surface.