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Art Emboss Foil

ArtEmboss Foils are extremely soft, pliable metal sheets in natural metal or bright metallic colors. They make wonderful works of art on their own, or they can be embellishments for other projects.

The lightweight 3 millimetre sheets accept the most intricate detail, while the heavier 5 millimetre sheets can be used for projects that stand on their own.

The copper and aluminum foils are all made of the real metals. ArtEmboss Foils are extremely soft and pliable. Use a fine-point stylus to trace a pattern and create a work of art that stands on its own, or create embellishments for a scrapbook, photo album, or any fine art project.



Aluminium Light 23cm x 30cm Sheet


Aluminium Medium 23cm x 30xm Sheet


Copper Light 23cm x 30cm Sheet