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Slice Precision Cutter

The Slice Precision Cutter is suitable for right and left handers. The micro-ceramic blade stays sharp and never rusts, making it one of the safer craft knives.

The Slice Precision Cutter is stylish, ergonomic and with a durable ABS plastic housing and rubberized finish.

Suitable for all your craft needs and ideal for intricate shapes.
Winner of the Good Design Award Chicago.



Slice Precision Cutter

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Olfa L1 Heavy Duty Cutter

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Olfa L1 Heavy Duty Cutters utilise 18mm blades, made from the highest quality Japanese Steel. Heavy duty and extremely long lasting.


Olfa Compass Cutter

FROM $11.10

The Olfa Compas Cutter CMP1 is perfect for crafts, model making, photography, scrapbooks, memory books and sign making.

The Olfa Compass Cutter CMP1 cuts circles up to 6” in diameter and can be used for right and left handed use. Extra blades can be stored in handle.


Logan Artist Elite 450-1 Mat Cutter

NOW $867.95

The Logan Artist Elite 450-1 Mat Cutter is a board-mounted system for at home moderate volume and professional mat cutting.

Key features of the Logan Artist Elite 450-1 Mat Cutter are:

  • 40" (101) capacity based mounted mat cutting system
  • Parallel mat guide in aluminium channels
  • 90 degree squaring bar
  • 20" (51cm) removable measuring bar
  • Hinged guide rail
  • Production stops
  • 701-1 straight cutter elite & pull style bevel cutter
  • Includes 5 Logan 270 blades
  • Instructions included

Essdee Lino Cutter 1 To 5 Plus Handle Set

NOW $16.85

Essdee Lino Cutter 1 To 5 Plus Handle Set Includes 5 precision cutters (styles No.1 - 5) and a sturdy handle with an aluminium collar which allows the cutters to be securely fitted and tightened with ease.

Manufactured from high carbon steel. Durable and long lasting, the Essdee cutters are precision ground to an optimum angle providing effortless lino cutting.