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Jasart Book Rack Table Easel

The Jasart Book Rack Table Easel is a multipurpose easel made from premium beechwood that is collapsible for easy storage.

Jasart Book Rack Table Easel can be used with canvas or drawing boards for drawing and painting.

Jasart Book Rack Table Easel can also be used as a display easel with an adjustable angle between 35 to 65 degrees. Use it to display artworks or as a book or iPad holder.

Dimension: 34cm X 24cm X 2cm



34cm x 24cm x 2cm

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Jasart Field Sketching Easel

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Jasart Field Sketching Easel can be used at home or outdoors. It is easily adjusted to many canvas heights, to a maximum of 105cm.

The tripod design makes it easy to sit at and the legs can be individually adjusted, meaning it can even be used on an uneven surface. It folds neatly for storage and is easy to transport.


Jasart Box Easel

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The versatile Jasart Box Easel can be used for painting, drawing and other techniques. With a built in drawer with 4 sections, easily keep your art materials safe and secure. It folds flat and comes with a carry handle, so it can also be used for transporting your materials. The easel angle can be easily adjusted and it can hold canvases up to 59cm.


Jasart Bamboo Sketching Easel

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Jasart Bamboo Sketching Easel features:

  • Paint & draw standing or sitting
  • Free-standing easel
  • Convenient storage area for art tools
  • Holds canvas up to 85cm

The Jasart Bamboo Sketching Easel is constructed from eco-friendly bamboo grown in managed, renewable forests.