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Pebeo Gedeo Crystal Resin Kits

Gedeo Crystal Resin Kits are a two-component epoxy resin system perfect for imitating glass. It can be used to produce moldings, inclusions, coatings or laminates. Gedeo Crystal Resin can be colored uniformly or on the surface with Pebeo Vitrail.



Kit 300ml



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Kit 750ml




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Pebeo Gedeo Clear Glazing Resin 150ml

NOW $46.00

Pebeo Gedeo Clear Glazing Resin 150ml gives enamel effects and covers rounded edges effectively.

Pebeo Gedeo Clear Glazing Resin 150ml is ideal for giving dimension and brilliance to flat surfaces and magnifying "effect" on canvas.


Pebeo Gedeo Resin Colour Discovery Set

NOW $58.45

Gedeo Resin Colour Discovery Set is a two component epoxy system (resin and hardener) which gives a surprising re-production of castings, inclusions, bottoms of platters, jewellery creations and coatings.

When decorating it can also be used as a protective varnish.

The Gedeo Resin Colour Discovery Set is a NEW crystal resin kit, including three colours to mix with the resin.


Pebeo Gedeo Resin Plaster

NOW $31.20


Gedeo Resin Plaster is a top quality hard resin, similar to polyester resin. Ideal for making objects that possess fine quality, strength and whiteness.

Gedeo Resin Plaster can be coloured by mixing pigments while in liquid form or painted after is has dried. When dry, it can be carved and sanded. Dries in approximately 30 minutes or may be sped up by placing in a microwave or other heat source.

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