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EC Paint Pots

EC Paint Pots feature a sliding lid with built-in brush rest. Economically priced, EC Paint Pots are the ideal paint storage solution!



Paint Pot w/ Slide Lid

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EC Pearl Paint Set

ONLY $24.95

EC Kids Paint Sets contain dazzling and vibrant colours, adding a new dimension to your projects in the home and classroom! Made from plastic, not metal glitter, EC Kids Paint Sets are non-toxic and washable off skin and most materials.


EC Washable Watercolours

ONLY $7.10

EC Washable Watercolours provide brilliant colour and supreme versatility. These watercolour paints are washable from skin and fabrics. The EC Washable Watercolours paints provide a stress (and mess!) free medium for watercolour painting, tinting pigment or craft dye.

Suitable for use on paper, cardboard, glue, fabric, wood & wool, EC Washable Watercolours are applicable with brushes, spray bottles, droppers and sponges.


EC Watercolour Paint Box

FROM $11.90

The EC Watercolour Paint Box is perfect for stimulating any junior artist! Containing large, high-quality watercolour discs and a brush, the EC Watercolour Paint Box is an excellent value package.

30mm diameter paint discs.


EC Tempera Paint Set with Palette

FROM $9.45

A solid & convenient source of brilliant, opaque watercolour, the EC Tempera Paint Set with Palette is ideal for use in the classroom or home. Ideal for fast and tidy use, the blocks in the EC Tempera Paint Set with Palette, are instantly usable with the addition of water and the palette means that the blocks do not deteriorate when stored over time.