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Copic Inks 25ml

Copic Inks are used to refill all varieties of Copic markers. Simply match the Copic Ink colour number to your marker colour and fill it 5-13 times, depending on the type of marker.

Copic Inks are a practical and economical way to extend the life of your Copic markers. The easy-to-use refill bottles have measurements marked on the side and refilling can be done using a booster needle, by removing the chisel tip with tweezers and pouring the ink in, or by dabbing the ink directly onto the nib. There are 358 colours to choose from and all are alcohol-based, guaranteed colour consistency and non-toxic.

How to know when it’s time to refill

Test both ends of the marker. If one side is dry but the other is wet, you probably need to refill. If you see streaks in the chisel end or ink is having a harder time reaching the brush end, it’s definitely time to refill. Work over a protected surface and make sure your colour refill matches the marker. Have everything ready before you start, including your clean-up supplies.

Click here to download the How to Refill Copic Markers guide.















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Copic Markers

ONLY $8.25

Copic Markers are the world’s highest quality alcohol markers. Invest in a set of markers that provide you with artistic longevity. The high quality means that these markers can last you a lifetime if maintained.

Buy a Copic Marker and you own a Copic Marker for life. Ink is applied smoothly and is easy to blend and being alcohol-based it won’t destroy paper fibers the way water-based markers do. Copic Markers do not dry out when not in use and come with a guaranteed 3-year shelf life. They also feature a unique, flexible super brush nib for paint-like application and a chisel tip for broad or fine lines. Each marker is hand-tested for overall quality and colour consistency, with 358 colours available in the range.

Copic Markers are popular with comic artists, graphic designers, architects, product designers, calligraphers, scrapbookers, tattoo artists, manga, anime and storyboard illustrators, landscapers, fashion designers and more. They come in different types, every colour imaginable, are non toxic and they blend colour like nothing else. The range even includes a Colourless Blender and an empty marker that can be filled with any ink from the range. The markers can also be used with the Copic Airbrush System for covering large areas and a flawless, glossy finish.


Copic Ciao

ONLY $5.45

Copic Ciao markers are the perfect choice for beginning artists. They feature a round, smooth and solid polypropylene barrel that’s smooth and comfortable for a perfect and controllable grip. A super brush and durable, medium broad polyester nib acts like a paintbrush for variable-width strokes which are permanent on many surfaces, including paper, leather, wood, fabric, plastic, and faux fur. An inner seal and choke-proof venting makes Copic Ciao markers suitable for children.

Copic Ciao Markers, while specially designed for those new to using markers, match the Sketch marker in every area of quality. The ink is non-toxic and uses quality dyes, resulting in the creation of vibrant and intense colours. Their low price tag compared with other Copic Markers make them a favourite of art and design students, crafts people, hobbyists and colouring enthusiasts. Colours are refillable and body inscriptions and symbols are wear resistant and easily cleaned with Copic cleaner.

Sets are an ideal way to begin your Copic Ciao colour collection or you can purchase Copic Ciao markers individually. With 180 colours to choose from, the Copic Ciao colour system allows you to easily select the perfect colour combination to achieve variation in colour tones and to add depth, dimension and shadow to your artwork.


Copic Inks 12ml

ONLY $13.55

Refill your Copic Markers with the Copic Inks 12ml. Each bottle of ink has a matching Copic colour bottle making it easy to refill. The transparent container allows for easy visibility of the ink amount. The Copin Ink 12ml also has a new nozzle that is long enough to reach the padding of the marker allowing a smooth and speedy replensihment of ink. 

Each bottle will approximaytely fill up Copic Sketch 7 times, Copic Ciao 9 times, Copic Classic 5 times, or Copic Wide 3 times (approximate estimation of refills)

The Copic Ink 12ml also has a new adjusted colour cap for a more accurate selection of ink colour. The pen-type shape allows it to be carried in a Copic wallet, and can be used to create different work such as ink art. 


Copic Sketch

ONLY $8.25

Copic Sketch Markers utilise two versatile tips, brush nib and broad nib, to produce a range of strokes from fine lines to wide colour fills.
The Copic Sketch range comprises of 346 fast-drying, permanent, non-toxic and toner compatible colours.

Copic Sketch Markers are available as individual colours or in sets.