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Coloured Foamboards

Coloured Foamboard is an excellent material for mounting work or for use in classroom and office projects.

  • Lightweight structure made of polystyrene foam sandwiched between two pieces of paper.
  • Easily cut with a mat knife or a utility knife.
  • Suitable for home mounting projects or classroom model making.
  • Great for making office or classroom posters and presentation charts.
  • Available in a range of colours to suit your needs.


Yellow 20 x 30 Inch 5mm (Sheet)


Orange 20 x 30 Inch 5mm (Sheet)


Green 20 x 30 Inch 5mm (Sheet)


Black 20 x 30 Inch 5mm (Sheet)


White 20 x 30 Inch 5mm (Pack 3)


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Flexible Foamboard

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Flexible Foamboard is suitable for printing, painting, gluing, bonding and laminating. Flexible Foamboard is lightweight, curves without creasing and is easily manipulated with scissors. Made from 3mm polystyrene foam.


White Core Foamboard

FROM $1.90

White Core Foam Board is lightweight, made from polystyrene between two pieces of paper. Ideal for mounting projects, presentations, model making, picture framing and as a backing board. White Core Foam Board is easy to cut with a utility or mat knife.


X-Press It Self-Adhesive Foamboard

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X-Press It Self-Adhesive Foamboard has a high-density foam core and adhesive coating. Protected by an easy-to-peel liner, X-Press it Self-Adhesive Foamboard is ideal for mounting posters and photographs.


Jasart Self Adhesive Foamboard

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Jasart Self Adhesive Foamboard has a top sheet which you simply peel back to expose the adhesive foamboard underneath. No need for glues and adhesives, simply mount your artwork quickly and easily.

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