Cristina Re Printstation CD

Cristina Re Printstation CD Version 3 is a stylish interactive software package that allows anyone from beginners to professionals, to design and print their own invitations, cards, gift tags, booklets, menus and more from the home or office. It so easy to do-it-yourself!

In addition the Cristina Re Printstation CD Version 3 also includes fantastic Craft Templates where users can choose from and print 40 different craft templates, including bomboniere of all shapes and sizes, lolly bags, boxes, envelopes and enclosures.

With just one click, you can print your favourite template onto a Cristina Re paper of your choice, cut and fold to make a beautiful paper craft, and decorate as desired!

Cristina Re Printstation Version 3 is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS systems.



Printstation V3 CD