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Archival Smooth Gel Mediums

Archival Smooth Gel Medium helps retain brush marks and improves brush-ability of oil paint. It is formulated for artists who are sensitive to the odours of traditional oil mediums and solvents. Mix Archival Smooth Gel Medium 50/50 with oil paint to achieve a faster drying time.




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Matisse Gel Mediums

FROM $16.50

Matisse Gel Mediums are able to produce a wide range of effects when intermixed with other mediums and acrylic colours. Specifically formulated to be thick & buttery, whilst remaining full transparent, Matisse Gel Mediums are high versatile - able to act as a clear transparent colour extender and also as an impasto for 3D extrapolations & multi-layer work.


Chromacryl Clear Gel Medium

FROM $10.05

Chromacryl Clear Gel Medium is a clear medium extender that changes the coverage quality of paint and ink to achieve colour glazes without affecting pigments. Chromacryl Clear Gel Medium is ideal for monoprinting and overprinting. Use as a paint extender, for transparent glazing or as a release agent when applied to a surface prior to paint application. Chromacryl Clear Gel Medium can also be used as a reduction paste in silkscreen painting.


Winsor & Newton Acrylic Matt Gel Medium

NOW $50.50

Winsor & Newton Acrylic Gel Mediums enable artists to improve colour durability, and keep colours brilliant, while still improving flow and "brush-ability." Use Winsor & Newton Acrylic Gel Mediums to maintain paint viscosity and increase depth. Dries clear and even.